How to start a blog with DreamHost
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How to start a blog with Dreamhost

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog with DreamHost in 5 Easy Steps to have that lifestyle you always wanted

I will also tell you about 4 MUST-HAVES that not many bloggers are talking about which will leave you with the impression that building a website or starting a blog is Easy Breezy.

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How to start a blog with DreamHost

Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link here. Know I will never recommend products I don’t use or love myself!

Ready? Steady, Let’s go! and Blogging

I believe there is one important misconception when it comes to blogging and I was certainly guilty of this too before starting to blog.

People consider the technical part of setting up a website and starting a blog (although no coding required) as being the most difficult part.

Some people consider the writing and maintaining a blog as being the easiest part when it’s actually the other way around.

The technical part is the easy one and the “maintenance of a blog that makes money for years” is actually the difficult part!

And while it’s relatively easy to get the technical part out of the way, it’s very important to be prepared for a very steep learning curve and a lot of hard work afterward.

Building a website or starting a blog is a fully operating business that needs to make you money!

How to start a blog with DreamHost

You need to have some basic administrative and technical skills (you will gradually learn more as you need them). You also need marketing and strategic planning skills. Graphic design for your advertising, like Pins if using Pinterest as a platform to advertise, etc

Can one do it?

Yes, anybody can! Stay tuned to see what it takes!

And see if YOU have what it takes 😋…

How to start a blog with DreamHost

How easy it is to start a blog with DreamHost?

It is really easy to build to a website or start a blog and there are nearly 1.8 Billion websites currently in the world with new ones going up literally every second.

Yes, you read it right: nearly 1.8 Billion websites according to Internet Life Stats

I have already written a post on 7 Best Cheapest Webhosting Plans for Bloggers in 2020 (on a budget) and it is very possible I may repeat some information I think needs to be repeated.

Out of the all 7 Web-Hosting providers reviewed in the above-mentioned blog post, still maintains its 1st place and still has my recommendation as to the Best Budget Web Hosting provider on the market right now.

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How to start a blog with DreamHost

Why I have moved from to

BlueHost has built such an amazing reputation for being a “beginner-friendly” web hosting provider for bloggers. Most of those recommending it suggest that if you need a bit of “hand-holding” BlueHost is your company. Very encouraging and reassuring and certainly an important thing to consider when you’re starting in your journey.

I have registered with for my new blog in May 2020 right in amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

I know there were thousands upon thousands of people logged onto their servers: existing and new customers like me.

It may have been a fluke! Or BlueHost may have had some server issues, or maybe running to capacity – who knows, but for several days after my registration, everything was very slow

I remembered DreamHost from a previous article and as you guys are going to see from the Unique and Free Features listed below, DreamHost is simply amazing!

Plus, no matter how much I respect and love the reputation BlueHost has built, I don’t intend to need a “beginner-friendly” provider forever.

I need one that allows me to grow and expand! Based on your needs and the level you are at, feel free to choose whatever provider suits you best! Read full details and features about here

How to start a blog with DreamHost

DreamHost and WordPress

DreamHost and WordPress are working together in a very close partnership.

In fact, DreamHost is one of the three web hosting providers currently endorsed by WordPress. The other two companies are and Read more about How to Start a Successful Blog with BlueHost in 2020 here

Quick General Facts about DreamHost from

Privately owned company, headquartered in California, founded in 1996, with more than 200 employees (read more at

How to start a blog with DreamHost

DreamHost cPanel access

DreamHost has its own customized cPanel but you can hardly notice any major differences compared with, say, BlueHost’s industry-standard cPanel.

If you cannot find you need, don’t forget DreamHost has a great 24/7 Chat Support that can resolve any issues in a matter of minutes

Just go to DreamHost’s Home Page, click on Support, and as mentioned before, either look up the extensive Knowledge Base library or click on Contact Support and Chat with a customer support rep.

DreamHost – Some Unique Features and Facts

  1. Initial Price: Starting at $2.59/mo => Renewal Price: remains at $2.59/mo 

This is one of the few Web-Hosting companies on the market right now who maintains the same prices on renewal plans; Pretty much with all other companies, the renewal prices are increasing.

2. DreamHost uses Renewable Energy

One of the main things that make one of the most appealing choices on the market for everyone interested to open a new website or start a blog is their use of renewable green energy.

They are really committed to using renewable energy while still providing their customers the performance, quality, and the price they have come to expect from DreamHost.

Their services and speed of delivery is one of the best available

3. 97 days  Money-Back Guarantee : (full refund – No questions asked)

What does that mean for you?

You can actually use their services for more than 3 months and if you are not satisfied with their services you can still get your money back!

4. Domain: 1 Free domain name included (you must register your free domain in the 1st month after your plan purchase)

5. Traffic: Unlimited traffic (if your traffic increases in the future as expected anyway, you don’t have to update to higher plans like with other providers)

6. Average Load Time: 0.718 seconds

7. SSL: Free SSL certificate for your website HTTPS secure for you and your customers especially if you are selling products

8. Security: Built-in WAF (firewall) protection and free Domain Privacy (domain privacy means that your registration details like address, phone number, email address, etc are not publicly available for others to use at their discretion)

9. 100% guaranteed uptime top their unique refund policy feature, with the promise of a 100% guaranteed uptime even on their Starter Plan.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if for whatever reason your website happen to have a down time, by no fault of yours, you can be compensated a partial monthly refund!

10. Free Migration Service

What does that mean for you?

You can Migrate your WordPress website from a different web hosting provider for free in less than 30 minutes (depending on how big is your website).

If you currently hosting your website with another web hosting provider, you can Migrate your website for free in 5 easy steps (other companies charge from $99 up to $199).

No other web hosting provider currently on the market offers such a combination of unique and free features to their customers!

How to start a blog with DreamHost

DreamHost for Blogging

All of the above-mentioned features makes DreamHost the perfect partner for anybody willing to start a blog or website.

Other companies like have built the reputation of “very blogger friendly” customer support, don’t expect anything less here: DreamHost’s customer support is equally stellar!

Plus, DreamHost offers more room for growth for you and your website at the same low, consistent prices.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog with

  1. Click here and then go to the first link “WordPress Hosting starting at $2,59/mo” marked below to start your registration

This will take you to the next page displaying the pricing plans

Scroll down the page to see the pricing plans with the features included in your purchase

Note: the longer the period you register for, the lower the price/month you get

In order to lock in the lowest price of $2,59/mo you have to register for a 3-year plan which comes to a total of $93.24

Also, 1 Year Plan comes to $47.4

Incredible value, right?

The longer the plan you’re re choosing, the better the chance of locking in lower prices and not having to renew the subscription regularly

If you are on a tight budget and cannot pay a bigger amount in advance, DreamHost is one of the few providers to also offer monthly plans at $4,95/mo and give you the chance to renew as you go every month.

Select your Plan, I recommend a 3 Year Plan, and on click on Sign Up Now.

2. Select a Domain – I chose Register a new Domain option

If you want to click on any of the Choose a Domain later or I already have a Domain option, some of the steps later in the blog may vary so just follow the instructions you will be prompted with.

Select your Free Domain using whichever option suits you, input the payment method and make sure you have the Pre-Installed WordPress and WP Website Builder boxes ticked (both Free options)

Submit your payment. You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase and it will take several minutes for the installation of your website.

Both, The WordPress One-Click Install and SSL Certificate Install need to have the Domain “Fully Hosted” so let’s do this first. This may vary if you have chosen one of the other Domain options above. Irrespective, just follow the prompts as everything is explained in detail and it’s very intuitive

As per the photo above go to DreamHost Home Page and click on Manage Domains and then on Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-Domain

You are given the option to choose how people looking for your website can find you: they either have to input in browser “http:/” and/or “www”

I chose the first option. This means when people are looking for my website can input both “http:/” and/or “www”.

Scroll at the bottom of page click on Fully Host this Domain

At the “Choose a domain” option above, if you have chosen the option “Choose a Domain later” you may not be presented with the exact above “Fully Hosted” steps; revert to these steps when you finally register your domain

Time for the One-Click Installs: SSL Certificate and WordPress

Install your SSL Certificate

You will be prompted with the next screen:

The following step is WordPress One-Click Install while the server updates your information.

After selecting WordPress above, click on Install it for me now button as per below

As mentioned above, follow the instructions on the screen: it’s all easy and intuitive

Log In to WordPress Editor and keep your password safe as this password is different than the one you need for DreamHost Log In.

This is it!

Log In to WordPress and Dashboard to choose your Theme from the many free themes provided by DreamHost and WordPress. 

You may start posting your first blog even before you choose a theme if you wish, lol

Next Step is to choose a Theme from the hundreds of free and paid themes WordPress offers; based on your budget and aspirations, make sure your website looks professional

You are now a fully-fledged Blogger! Easy, right?

This concludes the technical part of How to Start a Blog with It can’t be easier than this!

DreamHost offers Automated WordPress Migration for your existing website with NO DOWNTIME between transfers

For those of you who are looking to change your provider, here’s how easy you can Migrate your website for free in 5 easy steps

Just go to Home Page and click on Free Migration.

The video on the right-hand side gives you step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your current website free of charge. NO DOWNTIME between transfers! You just relax and watch the magic happen!

4 Things Other Bloggers Won’t Tell You About

How to start a blog with DreamHost

So, we looked above at how easy it was to get started with Let’s now have an honest conversation about the difficult part, lol

Buckle up my darlings, you may not be like reading the points below, but someone has to mention them, right?!

1. Manage your expectations

It is not easy folks!!!

If you think that you will post a couple of articles and you will start making thousands of dollars per month with your blog, you will be crudely disappointed!

– 90% of the people who intend to start a blog are giving up in the first 2-3 months!

– 4%-5% are just getting by

– 2%-3% are more or less successful

– 2% are actually really killing it

Blogging is like a business!

BUT you are on your own and you have to be a “One Man Orchestra”

I’m actually happy that this phrase came to mind as I believe no other saying would be more fitting.

When you are employed for a job, you are employed for a particular task

Let’s say you are working as a waiter in a restaurant. You are responsible for greeting and taking orders for customers and make sure they are well taken care of.

They are so many other supporting staff that are part of the customer’s great experience in that restaurant. From the chef and the kitchen staff to the bartender, the manager, the cleaners, the food & drink suppliers, etc

When you have a blog, you have to take care of everything.

Knowing the technical back end stuff to post and maintain your blog to researching material, posting, designing your advertising, and ultimately constantly educating yourself and staying in touch with the latest trends…

It’s all on you 🤷‍😁!!!

Don’t think that all the bloggers that you are seeing in Social Media platforms and are dazzling you with fabulous Income Reports and great techniques have been successful overnight.

How to start a blog with DreamHost

Although it’s quite rewarding and always keeping you on your toes, be mentally prepared: it’s not easy!

Nothing is an overnight success although it may seem so!

The very first few months of your blog are crucial: post, post & post as many articles as possible!

Depending on the approach you are selecting in how you choose to advertise or to find your traffic, you may have various degrees of success.

This brigs me to the second point:

2. Master SEO from the beginning

How to start a blog with DreamHost

Don’t let yourself overwhelmed by the term SEO!

And as a MUST, the very first step into your SEO journey is installing Yoast SEO plugin which is a free WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you in optimising your blog post right before posting it and it looks like below.

Learn everything you need to know about SEO here

If you don’t know anything about SEO yet, you better start educating yourself on the subject as soon as you can.

Predominantly there are two approaches that are the easiest for fresh bloggers and they are both related to SEO.

I recommend starting to advertise on Pinterest which is a free search engine platform and easiest for green bloggers.

You need to employ SEO techniques to be ranking on Pinterest as high as possible.

 And/Or try your hand at combining Google SEO with Pinterest SEO that makes the matter ever so slightly harder but really worth pursuing

This technique is worthwhile in the long run as it will start your ranking you on Google’s First Page in the nearest future while bringing readers from Pinterest in the short term. Win-Win!

I am all about working smarter not harder!!!

I prefer to have a job well done from the beginning and not have to redo it to 3 months later.

How to start a blog with DreamHost

3. 80/20 Rule

Now all you need is to start advertising your content.

The rule of thumb is: spend 20% of your time writing content and the remaining 80% of the time advertising and getting your content out there to bring readers to your blog.

Choose a platform and become a master at it. Make sure you learn all the techniques and hacks that are available to learn for free on Google and Youtube.

I am a firm believer that it’s very important to learn as much as you can right away and not wasting time as time is an incredibly expensive commodity.

This post is written in the context of starting a blog on a budget so let’s be as cost-efficient as possible.

So, learn everything you can for free, even if it takes a bit of time to find the relevant information.

If you have the financial power however, do get a course and learn everything fast. Looking back, we all want to have done things faster!

4. Mindset

And the last, but probably one of the most important is the subject that it’s overlooked all the time: mindset

How to start a blog with DreamHost

You have to outgrow the “employee mindset” where you are responsible only for the task you are assigned to do

As a “One Man’s Orchestra” you have to take full responsibility for all the results you’re getting with your blog: successes as well as failures!

Time Management & Strategic Planning will have to become some of your priorities. You want to work efficiently and productively and not sit in front of your laptop for hours.

Ultimately, it’s all coming down to this: the satisfaction you will get when you’ll see your traffic gradually increasing and know that it’s all based on your efforts & smarts It’s Unbelievable!

Also, when your first money will start coming in based on you monetizing this traffic, it will Make You Feel Over the Moon!

And that is only the beginning of your story!


If you ever felt that people have underestimated you and you feel you can do more with your life, put that ambition to work! This is your chance to do it!

Work hard for a few months at the beginning to grow your blog and then start enjoying the results of your hard work!

If others can do it, So Can You!

Get your web hosting here and show the world what are you made of!

How to start a blog with DreamHost

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